Age : 30 year old
Training Experience : 12 years

Marine Phys was set up to encourage London to get outdoors and experience stimulating types of exercise, its tough, but appropriately so. We pride ourselves on the ability to push individuals or groups to the edge of their comfort zone in a variety of fields, from general health and fitness, weight training, kettlebell training, flexibility and mobility and a wide range of other disciplines.

We believe exercise is not about shouting, or telling people what to do, (dont get me wrong a military team building weekend will have plenty of this), but we believe in treating all clients as individuals and tailor out approach using a scientific and mature manor to help achieve their goals in any discipline.

We believe health and fitness is made up of multiple components which are all equally important which include, flexibility, mobility, posture, muscular strength, cardiovascular condition, mental strength and health (reduction of stress, and negative thoughts) and equally important nutrition.

Mark Maycroft has  a wide range of personal training, strength and conditioning, nutrition and obesity and weight loss relevant qualifications including a 2:1 from The Open University (BSc) Hons in Sports, Fitness & Coaching with Exercise Instruction.

From a young age Mark has had a keen interest in sports and fitness, participating in football, rugby, swimming and cross-country throughout his school career. At the age of 14, with a view to improve his physique, he began weight training constantly try new things and learning how his body reacted to different exercise and diet techniques.

Mark served within the Royal Marines for 8 years, with 4 years of that time as a part of British Special Forces, during his military preparation, he cycled 30 miles daily along with 5 gym sessions a week, 2 runs a week, playing football twice a week and ran two half marathons in 7 minute mile pace. Joining the Royal Marines was the next challenge that Mark accepted as he wanted to prove that he could complete the hardest physical and mental training of any NATO force.

Mark decided to leave the Royal Marines to allow him to develop his knowledge of health and fitness by studying a BSc Honour’s in Sports, Fitness and Coaching with Exercise instruction as his specialisation. He has gained a wide variety of qualifications within the fitness industry, but not following the main stream training approaches he decided to embrace his working background and coach outdoor related fitness, taking clients away from the mundane repetitive atmosphere of the gym.

Mark’s 8 years service within the Royal Marines led him to serve in many different environments from a ship in the Gulf of Aden and the jungle in Belize to the desert in Afghanistan along with being part of Britain’s elite Special forces. Due to the nature of the environments, there was both limited space and equipment for him to maintain his fitness which inspires his ingenuity with his exercise regimes.

Mark believes personal training is about more than rep counting, and seeks to empower his clients, sharing his vast knowledge to not only improve client training habits but also guide them into a healthier lifestyle. A firm believer in practicing what he preaches, Mark has been dedicating his time to a new diet and training programme in the quest to become a Men’s Health Cover model 2014.

Mark has never specialised in one style of training, believing that being the jack of all and master of none approach is best to develop a strong level of fitness and conditioning across many disciplines. Mark was able to represent the Royal Marines in football to a semi-professional standard and rugby at unit level, winning a number of national tournaments.

Mark has been personal training whilst in the Royal Marines, helping one client lose 3.5 stone and getting another back into fighting shape to win 3 Thai boxing fights, he specialises in high intensity training, weight loss, obstacle race training and body composition but has a lot of personal experience in endurance training, military preparation and training techniques. Marks’ training methods aren’t all hard and fast and enjoys working with people from any exercise background using appropriate training methods to help them achieve their goals; recently Mark has developed a programme to get a lady back into exercise after a successful 2 year fight with cancer, and is also helping a client with double scoliosis.